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                             UPPER ROOM FELLOWSHIP CHURCH VISION 

 The vision of Upper Room Fellowship Church is to teach, impact and empower the people of God to be servant and spiritual leaders in achieving God's purpose and plan in their daily lives.  The following are present and long term goals of Upper Room Fellowship Church:

  1.        To Build the Temple/ Kingdom of God (The Ministry/Upper Room Fellowship Pastor and            Church)
  2.       To respect leadership and follow protocol.
  3.       To train, grow and groom servant leaders.
  4.     To develop individuals and families to become spiritually, emotionally and mentally       strong and to  become  financially and physically healthy.
  5.       To understand, speak and live by the Word of God.
  6.       To guide and support the people of God to live the plan for their life designed by God              through Jesus Christ.
  7.      To evangelize and lead people to Christ.
  8.      Outreach ministries and facilities for the following:Homeless,  Battered Women Substance   Abuse, HIV/Aides Victims , GED training,  After School Care Program,  Church School, Prison  and Jail Ministries, Television and Radio Ministries, Food Pantry (Food Bank), Retirement Community, Adult Day Care,  and International Ministry and Missions.